To produce our hair extensions, we choose only Remy hair originated from Russia, CIS and Central Asia. Selected hair are being classified according to Slavic or Southern Russian premium and luxury types.

Артикул: hair-db4-40cm
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    Tapes – the fastest and safest system of fastening of hair. Sufficiently hours of free time, and you will get the best decoration women – gorgeous hair.

    This line consists of hair collected in the southern regions of Russia and in the Middle Asians. Made exclusively from donor tails. Wide choice structures. Widely represented line of natural curly hair. Hair in the South-Russian line a little thicker than in the Slavic – is their unique difference. They are very elastic and perfectly flowing ideal for elongation.

    The best ratio "price-quality".

    Slavic hair sanitized, washed, combed Single drawn dyed designed for tape extension technology.

    Длина, мм 15,75 дюйм
    Производитель Belli Capelli
    Страна производителя Россия
    Тип товара Волосы
    Цвет DB4

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